About Us

DataSpace specialises in the most advanced customer/person location tracking for retail, office and residential spaces. From an individual to any person grouping by any criteria. We provide you with person behaviour movements; from an individual to any person grouping based on any criteria. We correlate person specific customer data with our unique data stores creating 360-degree customer intelligence. DataSpace is like Google analytics for physical spaces. DataSpace is fully privacy laws compliant (AU, NZ, GDPR)

Informed and Improved decision making:

  • Data driven understanding of customer needs and wants
  • Data driven shop location/relocations and operational decision making
  • Near real-time marketing, promotion feedback and post event analysis insights
  • Asset management decisions (predictive analysis shop moves, car park builds/expansion etc.)
  • Customer segmentation and personalisation (marketing, promotions)
  • Safety – violent incident/weapons detection and identification of ‘trespassed’ individuals
  • Identification of on-site stollen vehicles


  • Identify a person of interest – in mall residential, office or car par
  • Track through mall, residential areas, office
  • Automated person of interest security alerts (e.g. trespassed persons)
  • Equipment/Object detection (artwork, stalls etc.)
  • Weapons detection (unconcealed
  • Prior to mall, residential, office (e.g. a car park)
  • Protective Equipment – detects PPE usage


  • Staff location relative to customer densities
  • Measure response times to events (spillages, breakages etc.)
  • Measure service continuity
  • Staff location monitoring
  • Asset tracking (cleaning carts etc.)
  • Staff and asset location tracking e.g. toilet facilities